About the Facility

Down Range

Down Range is the term used in the military meaning deployment overseas, usually in a combat zone. Soldiers have trained and prepared for deployment months in advance. Once Down Range, soldiers have to be reliant on their previous training and the men fighting beside them. When deployed, they are forced to learn characteristics about themselves and their fellow soldiers.

We all go Down Range every time we leave our homes. We are not in actual combat, but in today’s society, only the strong survive. We also teach participants that they can overcome anything in life with the right attitude, character, and faith. Down Range is an outdoor adventure camp where people are able to learn, develop, and apply life skills through experiencing challenging activities.

Down Range uses our personal stories of struggle, failure and success to give hope to those searching for it. We use the challenging environments of camp to instill important values within our future leaders.


Cross Point is located on the Kickapoo Lake of Camp Down Range and has been dedicated to three impactful families in memory of their sons. Sam Clayton, Walker and Mason’s lives continue to make an eternal impact in Mississippi and beyond. We honor their families, as they strive to glorify God despite this earthly tragedy. The Kelly, Kelly and Wilbanks’ story is that of hope. There will stand a 35 ft cross that represents our purpose here on earth. It serves as a place of reflection, as many stories like these young men, point to the life that can be found in Jesus. Thank you for allowing us to share your sons’ stories!

11665428_876619685708116_7043724169906903381_n[1]The Warrior’s Nest is Camp Down Range’s amphitheater located at the base of Kickapoo Lake and has been dedicated to the Taggart family in memory of their son Brad. The Warrior’s Nest is where groups gather before camp and as an after-action location. Here, truth is spoken that is reflective of Brad’s story and the Taggart’s experience in the tragic loss of their son. Camp participants have a view of Cross Point overlooking Kickapoo Lake. We are thankful for the Taggart’s testimony of how real God is despite our circumstances.