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Manhood Academy Summer Camp

We want to explain what you are signing yourself up for, so that you come mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to be tested in many ways. Our Manhood Academy mission is to challenge young men to overcome the difficulties of life by testing them in a tough environment. We want to help equip you for anything life throws your way in the future. We utilize competition, military obstacles, target and tactical shooting as well as scenario-based paintball to create high-stress environments, giving you a chance to apply the concepts you’ll learn out here.

The heart of Camp Down Range, the Manhood Academy offers a small group setting for teenage guys to come together as a team and be mentally and physically challenged. Participants will learn to push themselves and their teammates to the limits. These challenges intentionally serve a much higher purpose than just physical tests. They exist to create an opportunity to teach wisdom and truth that is applicable to one’s daily challenges and within one’s spiritual journey.

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Groups will be categorized in teams based on their specific season of life for a long-weekend mission that will help guide them along the path to manhood. Each group’s focus will be based on age-appropriate battles young men face:

  • Choice
    Life doesn’t determine what kind of man a boy will become; regardless of which nature versus nurture theory you believe in, but rather it’s about the choices one makes in the specific areas of life he can control, that’s what will determine the caliber of man he becomes.
  • Attitude
    The beginning of every man’s personality is his attitude. Many fall into the trap of believing positivity is something you’re born with instead of realizing it’s an attitude anyone can own.
  • Character
    At the center of every man, deep inside his heart and soul, lies what kind of man he wishes he was. Character, a disciplined character, is the bridge that takes a man from where he currently finds himself in life to where he longs to be. Character is built by doing the next best thing in whatever circumstances one finds himself in.
  • Faith
    Faith is what ultimately gives you confidence to live your life to the fullest. With that faith, you don’t fear, in fact, the opposite of fear is not courage or bravery, but rather, faith. The faith that you carry internally will eventually dictate how you see eternity and it will then impact the course of your life by how you view your purpose here now.

What will make you successful in your squad at Manhood Academy?

Humility, effort, willingness to try new things, having a team-perspective

What will make this experience especially difficult for you and your squad at Manhood Academy?

Pride, lack of effort, unwillingness to get out of your comfort zone, not being teachable

YOU have the ability to dictate how Manhood Academy affects you for the future. We hope that you are willing to challenge yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – because if you do, you have the opportunity to change the course of your life! We look forward to spending the week with you!

Registration begins April 1!

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